Celebrating 15 Years Supporting Orthodontic Practices


DentiCare take care of all the patient payments and these monthly payments are guaranteed to us. We have no idea about patients financial status, so patient care can never be compromised. Current staff members have been in practices that have done in house billing, and rave how DentiCare is a much better option.

I can happily advise colleagues that now, after five years since I moved my internally managed payment plans into the hands of the team at DentiCare, I can confidently say this has been one of my best practice management decisions in 30 years.

Once flexible and individual payment plans are agreed, confirmed and guaranteed our practitioners, front office, treatment coordinators and our full team can focus on patient care and family management.

We have found significant benefits with providing a DentiCare repayment option. This has provided an increase in case starts. For the practice, this has provided an increased income stream.

The practice has experienced definite growth with the implementation of DentiCare. We have also found a benefit in less staff time being spent following up and collecting payments. DentiCare are an excellent company to work with.

Using Denticare we no longer have any bad debt. Our front-end staff have been freed up to assist with completing our increased digital braces and Invisalign starts. They feel they are doing more interesting work and learning new skills rather than spending all their time on accounts.

DentiCare was a great fit for us as it offered affordable repayments, flexibility and low setup fee. DentiCare allows us to separate finance and treatment of our patients. It is the best choice for us and our patients. Now we have more time to focus on patients at reception, quicker starts for treatments, no more bad debt calls and chase ups. We can focus 100% on our patient’s treatment. We have grown as a practice and DentiCare has been part of our growth.

DentiCare has been a game-changer for patient financing in my practice.After years of in-house financing with fairly rigid terms and countless administrative hours wasted chasing up overdue monthly payments, I was desperate for a more flexible and efficient option in my practice.

DentiCare patient financing was exactly what I was looking for and I am a now a raving fan. No longer do my staff waste time chasing bad debtors and my receptionists no longer need have awkward discussions about money during busy clinic hours and in front of a waiting room full of people. DentiCare is an absolute no-brainer for busy orthodontic practices.

In the last five years moving our patient billing to DentiCare has been the singular most important administrative innovation to our office. As with any new implementation there will always be concerns as to balance of benefits to our practice against the acceptance by our patients. Any such concerns have proven completely unfounded and the change has been a positive one for both us and our patients.

We no longer send out accounts or chase billings and we do not have long standing or doubtful debts. Our patients enjoy greater flexibility in billing alternatives and are able to split accounts for separated families. The feedback from both our staff and patients has been extremely positive and it is now difficult to imagine practitioners using what are now largely outdated internal billing systems.

We have been using DentiCare for many years and can honestly say it is the best administrative decision we have ever made. Our front office staff no longer ask for payments at the front desk which can be time consuming and stressful on both sides of the desk.

The closure rate for Invisalign cases has increased significantly as more affordable terms are possible. DentiCare offers peace of mind. The DentiCare staff are amazing and no problem is too small or big to handle.

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