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Orthodontic or dental treatment

About DentiCare braces payment plans

DentiCare Payment Plans offer you an affordable way to pay for orthodontic or dental treatment you need. All our braces payment plans have:

  • Finance options for treatment $250 to $12,000.
  • No credit or finance checks.
  • No interest.
  • Easy to use app to manage payment plans.
  • No full, upfront payment.
  • Flexible payment terms – up to 36 months for orthodontic treatment.

No credit or finance checks

How much does a braces payment plan cost?

Braces can benefit your oral health in many ways, making it easier to brush your teeth and helping prevent cavities, gum disease and decay. They will also improve your bite and help with digestion, allowing you to chew food properly and stop teeth grinding. If you’ve always been self-conscious about your smile, braces will realign your teeth and give you more confidence with your smile.

Braces can be expensive. Thankfully, you can sign up for a payment plan with DentiCare and pay off your braces in payments that are affordable and flexible.

Benefits of braces

Affordable and flexible braces payment plan

How does DentiCare differ from other dental payment plans

Paying off braces with DentiCare is different to other dental payment plans. The main differences are:

No credit or finance checks

There’s no credit or finance checks so you can get your braces and feel great about your smile.

Longer payment terms

Your braces payment plan cost can be spread over a longer period of time to make it more affordable.

DentiCare Plus – up to 36 months for orthodontics.*

*Dependent on plan value.

Interest free

Many dental loans incur interest, however braces dental finance with DentiCare is interest free.

A simple approval process

You can be approved for braces finance in under 10 minutes! Forget the complicated forms demanding all your financial information, it’s easy to sign up for a DentiCare braces payment plan.

Sign up for a DentiCare braces payment plan with an easy 3 step process

Step 1 – Decide on a payment plan with your DentiCare provider

Decide on the Payment Plan details, including deposit, amount and frequency of payments.

Step 2 – Finalise your plan

We’ll send you a link, follow the link to complete the DentiCare form and finalise your plan.

Step 3 – Begin treatment

Now you can begin treatment right away!

How to find a DentiCare provider

DentiCare has helped more than 200,000 patients get the dental treatment they need and since 2003 has worked with more than 3,300 doctors in over 2000 practices.

Next time you visit your orthodontist ask them if they are registered as a DentiCare provider. If they aren’t, complete our online registration form and someone from the DentiCare team will be in touch with your preferred practice to let them know a patient is interested in a DentiCare Payment Plan solution.


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What are the Payment Plan durations?

The DentiCare Payment Plan duration depends on the cost of your treatment. Maximum TermMore than $2000 – 24 months less than $2000 – 12 months

Is a DentiCare braces payment plan a credit contract?

DentiCare is simple direct debit payment plan – not a credit product. Unlike credit or personal loan options, you won’t be charged interest on your treatment or go through complex credit checks or be asked to provide detailed financial information.

Is a DentiCare payment plan a credit contract?

It’s best to contact your preferred provider (for privacy reasons we do not disclose practice details) and discuss whether a payment plan is available for your treatment. In some instances, they may have information regarding DentiCare on their website or you can simply give them a call.

What if my preferred practice doesn’t offer DentiCare payment plans?
We will happily reach out the preferred practice in your area to discuss offering DentiCare payment plans as a payment option for their practice.

Simply contact us with clinic details and one of our team will contact them directly.