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Fees and Payments

Why are my Payments different to the schedule shown in the PDF attached to my Active Plans?

The PDFs associated with the view or download icons under Payment Plan > View Active Plan are the original schedules provided to you after approval of the Payment Plan. If Amendments or Adjustments have been made regarding the Plan, the information will not be shown. This feature is planned for a future Release of the Provider App.
Please note that older Payment Plans that are active in your account may not have an attached PDF for you to view or download and you may experience a Error 422 – File does not exist message.

If you cannot find the Confirmation Schedule you need, or would like to access the updated Confirmation Schedule for a Payment Plan, please contact us at

How do I complete the DentiCare Amendment Form?

For any Payment Plan increases, the practice must contact DentiCare to check the status of the current Plan. Completing all fields is a requirement within a DentiCare Amendment Form.

You will complete the patient’s current Payment Plan details, moving on to completing the amount you would like us to increase their Plan by. You will then add all the figures together to calculate their final amount.

  • Patients have the option to increase their term keeping their current instalments as they are. Otherwise, they can keep the term the same, increasing their instalments.
  • There is a $19 Amendment Fee charged to the patient for any increases.
  • A fee of 3.9% will be charged to the practice for the increase, calculated at the amount after deposit has been collected for the addition.

Once completed, please submit this form via the Amendments section on the Provider App, or email to
DentiCare will adjust the increase accordingly and send a confirmation of the addition to both your practice and patient.

Can we collect less or greater deposit of 20 percent?

20% deposit is the minimum required for the patient to pay initially. You can request a greater deposit if you wish.

Can the patient pay out their DentiCare early? Are there any fees or penalties involved?

Patients can pay out their DentiCare Payment Plan at any point. They can finalise their account directly to the practice or to DentiCare. If they wish to pay their account to the practice, please phone our office prior to receive the correct balance from DentiCare.
There are no fees or penalties involved in paying out early.

Can patients make lump sum payments?

Patients can make lump sum or additional payments directly to the practice or DentiCare. If the patient has made the payment directly to the practice – please notify us ASAP so we can apply the payment accordingly to their account.
There are no fees or penalties involved in this.

What is the process for Health Fund payments?

DentiCare can easily apply any HiCaps or Health Fund payments you receive in your clinic at the time of treatment with your patient. You can notify DentiCare via email at advising of the following details, ensuring that we apply the benefit amount to your patient’s Payment Plan towards the schedule:

  • Responsible party/patient’s name
  • Your practice name/Clinic ID
  • Your ID for the patient (DentiCare Account Number if available), and
  • Dollar amount received from the Health Fund.

DentiCare will reduce the amount outstanding on the Payment Plan. A confirmation of the rebate will be sent to you and the patient.

Using the Portal

How to grant Portal access for new or existing practice staff

The Admin User can review and provide access for new practice staff by navigating to the Settings module and selecting Access. The module will present the current list of practice staff with access and login credentials. The Admin User will be required to email with the subject line “Add new Contact Record” and your Practice Name (and location if you have multiple), the practice staff members full name, role and email address. When new practice staff appear on the contact list:

  1. Select the Access checkbox next to the name
  2. Provide a Password
  3. Confirm the Password
  4. Define whether they will have Admin Access or Standard Access by marking the checkbox under the relevant column.

If your Practice has registered multiple accounts per location and the new practice staff you are granting access for is an existing user within another account, the new password will apply as a global update across all accounts. New practice staff should be advised of their new password. Practice staff can change their password back to the previous password if required by logging in and navigating to the Settings module.

How to enter a payment plan on behalf of the Patient

The practice should create a new payment plan within the Portal, on the last page of the payment plan workflow review the Terms and Conditions and provide a Signature, select the checkbox “entered on behalf of the patient”. Once this checkbox is selected, the signature section will be replaced with a document upload and requires the attached and signed Direct Debit Request Form provided by the patient. The payment plan will enter a queue to be reviewed by DentiCare verification team to confirm the details entered by the practice match the signed agreement provided by the patient before the plan is established as Approved.

How to prepare a payment plan to download, print or email for the patient to complete

The first two sections of the payment plan wizard must be complete before selecting options to download, print or email your pre-prepared payment plan to your patient. Select download and print to generate a PDF to save and/or print the pre-prepared payment plan. The payment plan will be stored within the Unsubmitted Plans module for later use.

Select email to send the partially completed payment plan to your patient to access and submit from home or outside of the practice. The email will pass the saved fields from the unsubmitted plan saved in section 2 of the payment plan workflow. The patient will not have access to adjust the payment plan details aside from the first payment date. All payment plans stored in the Unsubmitted Plans folder will automatically delete after 30-days. The email function is only available on the Elite Provider tier. To upgrade for access to the Elite Provider feature set please contact your dedicated Account Manager or call 1300 633 472.

Why is the drag-and-drop feature for uploading Payment Plans only available sometimes?

The drag-and-drop feature has been designed to work across the majority of browsers, but is not able to work with Internet Explorer as the browser itself does not support the functionality. As a result, when using the App through Internet Explorer, you will not be able to see the feature at all. You are able to upload your file through the “Browse for File” button. App.

If you want to utilise this feature, please ensure that you are using one of the mainstream browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
If you experience issues with drag-and-drop and you are not using Internet Explorer, please submit a Support Request and one of our friendly team members will be in contact to assist.

What do I do if I need to update my clinic’s information?

If you need to update your clinic’s information such as banking details or change of address, please notify DentiCare ASAP.
After we have been notified, you will be sent the appropriate documentation to complete and sign to advise of the new practice details.
To contact us regarding a change of detail, you can raise a Support Request through the DentiCare Provider App under the Support menu.

Changing Your Existing Plan

What is the process if a patient is transferring out of our practice?

When a patient is transferring out of your practice, for example, when they are moving interstate, or simply further away from your clinic, a treatment-to-date cost is required from you so DentiCare can adjust the Payment Plan accordingly.
Once the Payment Plan has been finalised, we will cancel the Plan and the patient can continue their treatment at the new practice.
If they would like to continue DentiCare, they will be required to complete a new DentiCare Payment Plan at the new practice.

Where do I send notification/confirmation to adjust a patient’s Payment Plan? (Amendment Form/Reduction)

For any adjustments to patient’s accounts, you can submit an Amendment Request via the Amendments section in the Provider App, or email to the details to

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