Increase patient retention with DentiCare Payment Plans

As a dentist or orthodontist, your biggest assets are your patients. Many practices focus their energy on attracting new patients, which is fine, however it’s just as important to look after your existing patients. 

A few common ways to increase patient retention include:

  • Get to know your patients.
  • Improve patient experience.
  • Identify your unique selling point.
  • Marketing initiatives.
  • Offer affordable payment options.

How do DentiCare Payment Plans help increase patient retention?

Dental and orthodontic treatment can be expensive, especially if patients have a substantial treatment plan. This expense poses a barrier for some patients to get the treatment they need. An affordable payment plan can help your patients budget for their dental treatment instead of paying upfront.

Patients are more likely to return to your practice for regular visits when they don’t have to pay for their treatment in one lump sum. Offering affordable payment plans can help reduce the financial burden and make dental treatment more accessible.

What you need to know about DentiCare Payment Plans

DentiCare Payment Plans aren’t your traditional dental loans. The main benefits for patients include:

No credit or finance checks

There’s no need for financial background checks before signing up for a DentiCare Payment Plan. If a patient misses a payment the DentiCare team will follow up all late/missed payments, so your admin staff don’t have to.

Guaranteed payment

When patients sign up for a DentiCare Plus Payment Plan and miss a payment, you’ll still get paid on time. Your practice will continue to collect revenue.

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Interest free payment plans

Unlike other dental loans available, DentiCare Payment Plans are interest free.

Longer payment terms

Some dental loans only offer short payment terms, meaning instalments are higher for patients. DentiCare offers payment terms up to 50% longer than other Buy Now, Pay Later dental options.

DentiCare Payment Plan terms:

SmileNow – 12 to 20 weeks*

DentiCare Plus – 2 to 24 months (36 months for orthodontic)*

*Terms dependent on plan value.

Other ways DentiCare Payment Plans can help your dental or orthodontic practice

Increasing patient retention isn’t the only way DentiCare Payment Plans can benefit your practice.

Increase treatment acceptance – Drive more patients into your practice by offering them a flexible and affordable payment plan.

Support from real people – DentiCare is more than just a dental loan. When you onboard the DentiCare payment plan solution your practice will receive an extensive onboarding program as well as staff training, strategy sessions and even regular check-ups to ensure DentiCare is working for your practice.

The patient onboarding process is simple:

  1. Present your patient’s treatment plan.
  2. Decide on the payment plan details, confirm affordability and send the payment plan proposal by SMS.
  3. Patient submits the completed digital form to commence the plan.
  4. Treatment commences.

Enhance productivity – When staff aren’t busy chasing up late payments and chasing up new patients they’ll have more time to dedicate to patient care.

Are you ready to increase patient retention, but haven’t onboarded the DentiCare Payment Plan solution?

DentiCare can help you get started today. It’s time for your patients to get the treatment they need, without the wait! Find more information on our website or contact our customer relations team.