How does DentiCare differ from traditional dental loans

If you’ve been in the dental or orthodontic industry for years, you’ve probably seen a few different dental loan solutions come and go. Today we’re taking the time to explain how DentiCare differs from other, traditional dental loans. 

So what’s so different about DentiCare?

We could talk all day about the differences, however, here are the top 5 reasons DentiCare is different to other dental loan solutions.

No credit or finance checks

Patients searching for dental payment plans with bad credit can still sign up for a DentiCare Payment Plan.

Missed payments? DentiCare follows up on all missed payments, so you don’t have to! Think about the hours you could save on admin!

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Guaranteed payment

DentiCare Plus takes dental payment plans to the next level.

If a patient signed up on a DentiCare Plus Payment Plan misses a payment you are still guaranteed to get paid on time.  We’ll follow up the missed payment and your practice continues to earn revenue.

Interest free

Your patients will be happy to know that unlike many other dental loans, a DentiCare Payment Plan solution is interest free.

Longer payment terms

DentiCare offers payment terms up to 50% longer than other Buy Now, Pay Later dental options.

Some dental loans only offer short payment terms, but DentiCare goes above and beyond to ensure our payment plans are more flexible and affordable for patients. These flexible payment terms help patients overcommitting and accruing bad debt.

SmileNow – 12 to 20 weeks*

DentiCare Connect – 12 to 24 months (36 months for orthodontic)*

DentiCare Plus – 2 to 24 months (36 months for orthodontic)*

*Dependent on plan value.


Easy approval process

Applications approved in approximately 15 minutes!

Forget those complicated application forms other dental loan companies demand,  it’s easy to sign patients up for a DentiCare Payment Plan solution.

Getting patients started with DentiCare is simple. Once they’ve agreed on a payment plan they’ll receive an SMS. They’ll click the link in the SMS to review their plan details and finalise their plan. Easy!

Here’s a breakdown of the patient onboarding process:


Step 1 – Start a new payment plan:

Present your patient’s treatment plan and convert them with an affordable payment plan.

Step 2 – Confirm patient affordability:

Decide on the payment plan details with your patient, including the deposit (if necessary), amount and frequency of payments.

Step 3 – Complete the digital form:

Submit the completed form to DentiCare to establish the DentiCare payment plan.

Step 4 – Begin patient treatment:

Begin treatment straight away, with patient payments commencing to your practice.


With so many patient benefits, what’s in it for practices?

Reap the benefits of onboarding the DentiCare Payment Plan Solution.

Create a reliable revenue stream – DentiCare Payment Plan solutions offer a consistent and dependable revenue stream.

Improve patient conversion and retention – Allow more patients to get more of the treatment they need. Increase your patient retention rates, with more patients returning for regular check ups, professional cleaning and other treatments in the future.

Get support when you need it – Our practice onboarding program is all-encompassing. It includes staff training, strategy sessions and of course regular check-ups to ensure the DentiCare Payment Plan solution is working for your practice. You’ll also deal with real people!

Save on administration costs – Let DentiCare manage all payments, chase overdue accounts and look after billing.

Book a demo today to find out how DentiCare can help your practice kick goals. Or, get started today and see how the DentiCare Payment Plan solution is different from any other dental loan.