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Registering your practice involves a seamless online process for your team to submit the required company information. 

Your practice will be assigned a dedicated onboarding specialist who will schedule a meeting or call with the practice team to discuss implementation details.

Know your customer (KYC) is the process financial institutions (FIs) use to verify their customers’ identities and inform compliance risk assessments. KYC is a foundation of anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) compliance in jurisdictions worldwide.

As DentiCare is a comprehensive all-in-one payment solution that allows the practice to build their own unique and customisable patient engagement and payment workflow, the price is determined by the level of customisation. Get in contact with a DentiCare specialist to receive your customised plan on 1300 633 472.

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To inform DentiCare of your practice change of ownership please contact the specialist team on 1300 633 472.

To update your practice nominated bank account for DentiCare payments please contact the specialist team on 1300 633 472.

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Your DentiCare Practice Portal will provide access to submit a new Treatment Proposal or Payment Plan by SMS to your patient to complete. To book a specialist training session for your practice please contact 1300 633 472.

Your DentiCare Practice Portal will allow you to submit a payment plan amendment to change the current amount or duration of an existing patient plan. To book a specialist training session for your practice please contact 1300 633 472.

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To book specialist training for your practice please contact 1300 633 472.

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DentiCare offers dental and orthodontic payment plans to help patients manage the costs of their treatment. DentiCare payment plans cover a range of treatments, with a minimum cost of $50 and a maximum of $12,000. We recommend discussing the specific details with your consulting practice to tailor the payment plan to your needs.

A payment plan allows you to break down your treatment plan cost into smaller amounts that are made via instalments and are spread over a fixed period of time. When you set up a payment plan, you pay an agreed sum of money weekly, fortnightly, or monthly until the balance is cleared.

  • Age: You must be over 18 years old.
  • Employment Status: You should be currently employed.
  • Bankruptcy Status: You must not currently be bankrupt.
  • Citizenship: You need to be an Australian Citizen.

You may receive notice that your payment plan cannot be established. It may be that you do not qualify for the above mentioned eligibility.

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You can download the DentiCare app to manage updates to your personal details such as email or residential address. 

To download your monthly Health Fund statement for your Orthodontic treatment, please download the DentiCare App and navigate to View Details.

Your DentiCare App will advise the total remaining balance left owing for your payment plan.

You can update your current payment method by downloading the DentiCare App and select Payment Methods > Add New Card.

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DentiCare facilitates payments by way of direct debit, which can be processed anytime from midnight on the morning of your scheduled debit date. We suggest having the funds available in the account the night before any due date.

Note: If your direct debit date falls on a public holiday or the weekend, it will be processed the next business day. If for any reason a debit does not occur on a scheduled date, please leave funds available until the payment is debited.

You will need to engage with your consulting practice to discuss changing your payment plan scheduled amount and duration. 

You can make a payment for a future scheduled direct debit amount before the due date, however the amount processed will be applied to the final scheduled payment date of your payment plan, reducing the duration of the plan. The additional payment will not be applied to the next due scheduled direct debit date.

If your scheduled direct debit amount is not paid on the due date, a missed payment fee will apply.

Payment methods accepted are bank account and credit card/or debit card.

Yes, a partial payment can be made however if you fall short of the agreed amount due on the scheduled direct debit date, you may incur a missed payment fee.

Yes, a payment plan can be paid in full before the original scheduled end date.

Depending on the request reason to cancel or amend your payment plan amount or duration, you will need to engage with your consulting practice first to discuss. 

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Financial hardship refers to a situation where an individual faces difficulty meeting their financial obligations due to unforeseen circumstances, changes in their economic environment, or personal setbacks. 

If you’re struggling with your finances, it’s important that you reach out to us as soon as you can. Financial difficulty can happen to anyone please contact 1300 633 472 to speak with a specialist. 

Financial assistance fees refer to charges associated with obtaining or accessing financial aid or support. Your DentiCare specialist assigned to your case will discuss this with you at the time of reviewing your options.

Please contact us on 1300 633 472 or email

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If there’s something we can improve, or you’re not satisfied with our products, services or staff it’s important we hear about it so we can make things right. We’ll take your complaint seriously, work with you to address your complaint and try to find a solution that’s fair and reasonable.

Make a complaint by calling us on 1300 633 472 or email

Please tell us:

  1. Your name and contact details (you can make an anonymous complaint if you would prefer)
  2. What your complaint is about, including the products or services you’re complaining about, what went wrong and what you’d like us to do
  3. Any supporting documentation

Please contact us on 1300 633 472 or email

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To speak with a DentiCare Specialist to discuss your payment plan please contact 1300 633 472.