Access extended 120-day payment terms

Angelalign is a leader in innovative orthodontic technology and is the second largest producer of clear aligners in the world.

DentiCare is pleased to announce it’s partnership with Angelalign in the support and automation of Angelalign’s extended 120-day payment terms. Practices providing Angelalign clear aligners and registered with DentiCare AutoPay, will access automated direct debit invoice settlement with extended payment terms on Angelalign invoices.

  • 120-day extended payment terms for Angelalign invoices
  • Simple, precise and predictable direct debit invoice settlement
  • Automated payment schedule, remittance and statements for accurate account keeping


Enable 120 day terms

Angelalign Partnership Service Agreement

To access DentiCare AutoPay and enable 120 day payment terms for Angelalign invoices please complete the following form.

Service Agreement Angelalign

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  • Drivers License or Passport (Maximum File Size 10MB)
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, Max. file size: 512 MB.
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  • Direct Debit and Credit Request Acknowledgement