Why your practice should use digital payment plans

The cost of treatment is one of the biggest barriers to patients getting the dental and orthodontic treatment they need.

Are you tired of patients walking away without receiving the treatment they need?

The cost of treatment is one of the biggest barriers to patients getting the dental and orthodontic treatment they need. Not all customers can afford to pay for their treatment upfront.

At DentiCare we’ve created an affordable payment plan solution so cost isn’t an obstacle to patients getting the treatment they need and your practice maintaining a consistent revenue stream.

Here at DentiCare we have years of experience and we have connected several hundred thousand patients with affordable budgeted payment plans.

Here are some of the reasons why your practice should use a DentiCare digital payment plan.

Create a dependable revenue stream

Imagine having a guarantee that you’ll get paid on-time, every time.

A DentiCare Payment Plan solution gives you a consistent and reliable revenue stream. We give you the DentiCare Payment Guarantee – so you have the security of knowing you’ll get paid for the treatment you give.

Improve patient retention

Patient retention is one of the key ways to create a thriving practice. As an orthodontic or dental practice owner you want to keep your patients coming back.

We’ve found that DentiCare patients are more likely to return for regular check-ups, professional cleaning and other future treatments.

Convert more patients

One of the biggest hurdles is converting more patients to get the treatment they need.

When cost isn’t an option and patients have the flexibility of an affordable payment plan solution, they can afford to budget for the treatment they need.

Deal with real people and get real support

When you onboard the DentiCare Payment Plan Solution, you’re getting more than just affordable payment plans to offer your patients.

Our practice onboarding program is extensive, with staff training, strategy sessions and of course regular check-ups to ensure the DentiCare Payment Plan solution is working for your practice.

Save on administration costs

We’ve mentioned that onboarding the DentiCare Payment Plan Solution creates a reliable revenue stream, but it also saves you money.

We manage all payments so your administration staff can take care of the important stuff – looking after your patients. DentiCare manages all payments, overdue accounts, billing and we follow up all missed payments.

Flexible payment plan solutions

Forget the rigid payment plans, we work with you to create a solution that works for you and your patients.

You can choose the payment plans that work best for your practice, with flexible deposits, payment plan amounts and payment schedules.

So you’re ready to onboard the DentiCare Payment Plan solution?  Here’s how it works. 

Step 1 – Start a new payment plan

Present your patient’s treatment plan and convert them with an affordable payment plan.

Step 2 – Confirm patient affordability

Decide on the payment plan details with your patient, including the deposit, amount and frequency of payments.

Step 3 – Complete the digital form

Submit the completed form to DentiCare to establish the DentiCare payment plan.

Step 4 – Begin patient treatment

Begin treatment straight away, with patient payments commencing to your practice.

Get started today and see how the DentiCare Payment Plan solution can benefit your patients and help your practice thrive.