How to pay for orthodontics now and pay your dentist later

Do you need dental treatment, but don’t have the money to pay upfront? Do you feel uncomfortable with your smile, but can’t afford to get the work you want to improve your teeth?

Waiting to get the treatment you need is not always possible, especially if you’re experiencing pain and discomfort due to a serious dental problem. Sometimes you need the treatment immediately.

Getting the treatment you need is important to avoid long term issues, and getting the treatment you want will go a long way to help your self-confidence if you’re particularly self-conscious about your smile.

Can I pay a dentist later?

Yes, you can pay a dentist later if they offer a dental payment plan solution such as DentiCare. A payment plan solution offers you the ability to buy now, pay later with your dental treatment.

Boy With Braces At Dentist

What is DentiCare?

DentiCare allows you to pay your dentist later and apply in less than 15 minutes!

DentiCare Payment Plans can be used for all types of dental procedures including orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, implants and periodontics, snoring and sleep apnea, crowns and veneers and facial aesthetics.

How do you get treatment and pay a dentist later?

It’s easier than you think! DentiCare makes it easy to pay your dentist later with a payment plan solution to suit your budget and needs.

It’s quick and easy to sign up for a DentiCare Payment Plan solution – it’s just 4 SIMPLE STEPS!

Step 1
Speak with your dental practice about your treatment plan and the affordable payment plan options available.

Step 2
Decide on the payment plan details, working out the deposit (if necessary), treatment amount and frequency of payments.

Step 3
We’ll send you a link, follow the link to complete the DentiCare form and finalise your plan.

Step 4
Now you can begin treatment right away!

Benefits of a DentiCare Payment Plan

  • No interest.
  • No checks for bad credit or finance checks.
  • No full, upfront payment.
  • Flexible payment terms.

SmileNow – Buy Now, Pay Later

SmileNow is DentiCare’s sophisticated BUY NOW, PAY Later option available!

Pay your dentist later for treatment between $250 and $2,000, with no setup or transaction fees, interest or initial deposit.

DentiCare’s SmileNow payment option offers 50% longer terms than other products, with payment terms between 12 to 20 weeks and weekly or fortnightly payment frequency.

Need treatment over $2,000? No problem. We also offer DentiCare Connect and DentiCare Plus for treatment up to $12,000. Payment terms from 12 to 24 months for dental treatment and up to 36 months for orthodontics.

How to find a DentiCare dentist

Dentists and orthodontists around Australia offer patients the DentiCare Payment Plan solution. Speak to practice staff next time you visit your dental practice to find out if they are registered as a DentiCare provider.

If your local dental practice isn’t a DentiCare provider, complete our online registration form and our team will contact your practice to let them know a patient is interested in a DentiCare Payment Plan solution.