6 ways to streamline your orthodontic practice in 2021

To create a thriving orthodontic practice it’s essential to eliminate any unnecessary work and processes that don’t support efficiency. By implementing simple and practical changes throughout your business you can streamline your practice, create consistency for your team, improve productivity and time management, maximise revenue and prepare your practice for growth in the future.

With all the changes that have taken place in the last 12 months due to COVID-19, now is the ideal time to evaluate your practice. Here are 6 simple ways to streamline your orthodontic practice.

Automate where possible

Nowadays, there are so many time-saving workflow solutions that can help streamline your practice’s processes. Incorporating these automations in different areas of your practice will maximise productivity and allow your team to concentrate on the important things, such as creating the ultimate patient experience.

Areas you could implement automation include your appointment booking system, follow-ups, marketing and data collection.

Implement workflow procedures

Can you imagine if everything you did, or your staff did, was accompanied by a detailed and manageable workflow procedure. Implementing procedures for tasks within the different areas of your organisation will improve workflow efficiency and create consistency throughout your practice.

Think of procedures as the roadmap for your employees, giving them the autonomy to carry out their responsibilities and tasks with confidence. Procedures will also help your practice maintain consistency in the eyes of your patients, ensuring their (great) experience is the same every time.

Onboard a payment plan solution to make payment easy

We know not all of your patients can afford to pay for their orthodontic treatment upfront. Many patients take a little convincing to part with their money upfront and often hold off on seeking the treatment they need because of the cost.

woman getting dental work


Following up these patients can be time consuming and costly, so why not offer an easier option?

DentiCare’s payment plan solution has been specifically designed for orthodontic practices.

We know that processing and managing payment plans can put extra pressure on administration staff, that’s why we manage all the payments, accounts, billing and will follow up all missed payments. We do the heavy lifting and you enjoy the benefits.

Evaluate job roles and responsibilities

As your practice grows, it’s important to continually evaluate the positions within your team. To start on the right foot, an employee needs to have a solid understanding of their role and responsibilities. As the practice grows and new employees are onboarded,  these responsibilities may change.

If roles become stagnant and don’t evolve as needed, you may find gaps in your service, which could have a detrimental effect on the patient experience and your practice’s overall efficiency.

Become an effective delegator

As a business owner, the last thing you want is to become the bottleneck of your business.

As the leader it’s important to be able to effectively delegate so you can distribute work across your team.

We know, it can be hard to let go, but doing everything yourself will only end in burn-out, and delegation is actually great for your team! It bestows responsibility and allows your team to thrive and grow within your practice.

Schedule time for admin

While it’s vital to concentrate on the areas of your business which bring in the most revenue, it’s equally important to allow time for the areas that complement your core business.

Always schedule time in the day for administrative tasks and any other ad-hoc issues that might arise. This time can be used to manage patient issues, issues within your team or even someone popping into your practice unannounced.

Maintain an efficient appointment booking system

Your appointment booking system is the key to running an efficient practice and creating the best patient experience. As a practice you really need to nail this one!

By implementing an efficient appointment booking system you can maximise revenue, by ensuring you are filling up your days productively, and convey professionalism to your patients when the booking system is streamline and issue-free.

We hope that with these 7 tips will help streamline your practice. Contact us if you’d like to know more about DentiCare’s payment plan solution.