5 reasons to offer an orthodontic payment plan

Are you missing out on revenue because you don’t offer patients an affordable orthodontic payment plan? Orthodontic treatment costs can quickly add up and not all patients can afford to pay upfront. Providing patients with an affordable orthodontic payment plan solution is an easy way to connect more patients with more treatment and create a consistent, reliable revenue stream for your orthodontic practice.

Here are 5 good reasons your practice should onboard an orthodontic payment plan.

Improved patient conversion

If the cost of orthodontic treatment is a sticking point for your patients, why not offer them an alternative way to pay? Convert more patients and connect them with the treatment they need by offering an affordable payment plan solution. 

The DentiCare payment plan solution gives more patients the opportunity to pay for their treatment. Our experience shows that DentiCare patients are more likely to return to your practice for regular check-ups, professional cleaning and future treatment.

A reliable revenue stream

Imagine a guarantee that you’ll get paid on-time, every time…

When you onboard DentiCare’s payment plan solution, we offer a payment guarantee. Let go of the worry of chasing up late payments and create a reliable revenue stream for your practice. 

Increased patient satisfaction

Many patients struggle to pay for orthodontic treatment upfront. If they can’t afford treatment, they simply go without. 

When you offer an affordable payment plan solution you are empowering patients to get the treatment they need and help them to overcome the financial challenge of paying upfront. 

Spend more time on what matters most – patient care

Wouldn’t you love to dedicate more time to patient care instead of administrative tasks? 

Our payment plan solution is a managed service, meaning your administration team won’t have the burden of chasing up late payments. We manage payments, accounts, billing and will follow up any missed payments. 

woman getting dental work

Keep up with competition

Do you find that you’re losing patients to other practices because they offer payment plans and you don’t? 

Keep up with the competition by onboarding an affordable payment plan solution. DentiCare’s payment plan solution is used by over 350 orthodontists across Australia, making it one of the most popular orthodontic payment plans in the country. 

How the DentiCare payment plan solution works

See how easy it is to onboard the DentiCare payment plan solution. 

Step 1 – Start a new payment plan

Present your patient’s treatment plan and convert them with an affordable payment plan.

Step 2 – Confirm patient affordability

Decide on the payment plan details with your patient, including the deposit, amount and frequency of payments. 

Step 3 – Complete the digital form

Submit the completed form to DentiCare to establish the DentiCare payment plan. 

Step 4 – Begin patient treatment

Begin treatment straight away, with patient payments commencing to your practice. 

Get started today and see how easy it is to increase your revenue stream and connect more patients with more treatment with DentiCare’s payment plan solution.