5 key benefits of DentiCare Payment Plans

Sometimes it can be difficult to connect patients with the treatment they need, even when you know it’s important they receive the care you’ve recommended. 

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to pay for their dental or orthodontic treatment upfront, so when faced with an expensive treatment  plan, some patients will choose to delay or even go without treatment if they can’t afford to pay on the day. 

That’s where the DentiCare Payment Plan solution steps in!

Connect more patients with the treatment they need.

Offering patients an affordable, interest-free way to pay for their oral treatment is a proven strategy to increase acceptance rates and reactivate incomplete treatment plans.

DentiCare has been the leading payment plan provider for 17 years and our professional team has managed plans for hundreds of practices across the country. We’ve helped more than 180,000 patients receive the treatment they need.

5 key benefits of DentiCare Payment Plans

Here are 5 benefits of DentiCare Payment Plans:

Improved patient conversion

As mentioned above, how to convert patients is the number one challenge for most practices.

Not everyone can afford to pay for their treatment upfront, but imagine if you could offer these patients an alternative way to pay – interest free!

A DentiCare plan can help you connect more patients with the treatment they need by offering them an affordable alternative to upfront payment.

In our experience we believe DentiCare patients are more likely to return to your practice to undergo regular checkups, professional cleaning and a range of other treatment.

Create a reliable revenue stream

With DentiCare Plus, your practice is guaranteed to be paid on time, every time, even if your patient misses a payment. You can create a consistent and reliable revenue stream, with the peace of mind knowing DentiCare will manage the unsuccessful payment with your patient – saving you time and money.

Increased patient satisfaction

Imagine this scenario… A patient really needs treatment, but can’t afford to pay upfront. Instead of them walking out the door where they face ongoing pain or discomfort, your practice offers them the DentiCare Payment Plan solution and they can get the treatment they need today!

Payment plans are a great way to empower patients to get the treatment they need and make their dental health a priority – without the financial challenges of paying upfront.

Make patient care your priority

How much time do you lose on administrative tasks?

SmileNow, DentiCare Connect and DentiCare Plus are all fully managed payment plan solutions – meaning your administration team won’t have to waste time chasing up late payments or manage accounts or billing. We take care of it all!

Dentist And Patient

We’re here for you

Need help? We’re here to support you every step of the way. When you onboard the DentiCare Payment Plan solution, you’re also signing up for our extensive onboarding program which includes staff training, strategy sessions and regular check-ups to ensure our payment solutions are working for your practice.

Want to know more? Discover the benefits of the DentiCare Payment plan solution for dental practices and orthodontic practices and contact us today!